::::: What we have for sale is a brand new :::::

300zx OEM replica passengers side Cowl grill cover for the 1990-96 US models.

This is an OEM replica passengers side Cowl grill cover constructed in hand laid Fiberglass
using a black gel coat . Fitment is guaranteed. They are compatible with 2+0
and 2+2 1990-96 US domestic models only (LHD models).

This is an unpainted fiberglass part and should be expected to be that way.
It can be installed without paint,  but for best results paint is always recommended. 
Since it's manufactured using fiberglass it will not get brittle and crack
unlike OEM versions of these products made in plastic.

Customers will have to reuse their mounting clips and weather seals.

Made in house by Ionic Dynamics, using the highest quality materials
  and workmanship, these parts are strong and durable.

These parts will ship out within five to ten business days after the payment
has been received and cleared. If you decide to pay via
paypal I will only ship to the address provided with the payment details.
Please contact us if there is any issue with your item, we greatly value
our customers and will do our best to have every single one satisfied.