Dell Latitude XT Convertible Laptop / Tablet Computers with Touchscreen and Stylus - Refurbished by Manufacturer
The Hard Drive has been wiped and reloaded with Windows 7 PRO.
includes: * 1 Tablet / Laptop * 1 AC Adapter Specs: * Touchscreen * Convertible * Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.33GHz * 10 x 2GB RAM * 10 x 60GB * 10 x DVDRW with docking station Software installed: * Windows 7 Professional * Microsoft Office 2010 (Full Version)
* Free upgrade to Windows 10 Professional

MSRP $1,166.40 (New)
Each unit has a free Windows 10 Professional upgrade. Buyer must register with Microsoft to receive the free upgrade. The free upgrade is available for download from Microsoft. All batteries are sold as-is with no warranty / guarantee expressed or implied. Replacement battery is cheap to buy and easy to install.